AMS Forex & Travels is one of the few Companies to obtain a FFMC license to provide retail foreign exchange services throught out India . Since 1997 we had been offering services (sales & purchase) to the corporates and leisure travellers in India. With the  20 years of experience and expertise developed in the field of foreign exchange ,the company has in its list of clientele some of the leading names of the Indian and global corporate world.

Foreign Currency Traveller's Cheques

Travellers Cheques are a safe and easy way to protect your money when you travel. You can encash them only when you need to, and only against your signature, unlike cash which can be stolen and misused by anybody, immediately. Loss of Travellers Cheque can be reported anywhere in the world by making a single phone and the pre-fixed amount on the cheques are made refundable.

Travellers Cheques are offered in major currencies like USD, GBP, Euro, CAD, AUD and JPY. These are available in various denominations to suit your needs. At present we offers American Express Travelers Cheques which are widely accepted at Merchant Establishments and Financial Institutions in more than 200 countries.

Foreign Currency Cash

Foreign Currency Cash is a convenient way of meeting personal expenses during your journey, paying for taxis / internal travel, food expenses etc. You can buy or sell Foreign Currency Cash in USD, GBP, EURO, AUD, CAD,CHF and many other currencies from our office

AMS Forex & Travels sells all major foreign currencies for customers traveling, business, leisure, education, immigration, medical treatment etc. as per RBI guidelines and FEMA Act. we encash foreign currency notes into Indian Rupees at competitive exchange rates.

Procedure of obtaining Foreign Exchange :

Foreign Exchange can be availed from our Authorized location against payments by Cash, Cheque or Pay Order/ Demand Draft. A maximum of Rs. 49,999/- (as per Indian Tax Laws) will be accepted in cash and any amount above Rs. 49,999/-, against a Pay Order or Cheque after clearance of the same. You need to carry the required Documentary Proof like passport & ticket photo copies with originals for issuance of Foreign Exchange.


Prepaid Forex Travel Cards



AMS Forex brings you the choice or pre-paid Forex traveller's cards designed to give you a secure and hassle-free travel experience ; so now no more chasing moneychangers or paying transaction charges for shopping abroad. Prepaid Forex Cards are ideal for travellers since they can be hot listed if stolen & reloaded, while you are still abroad! In fact, it is the perfect answer to all your foreign exchange needs

These travel cards can be issued in all major currencies like US dollor; Euro ; pound sterling; Australian dollor; singapore dollor ; Swiss franc & canadian dollor etc.. These cards can be issued from a minimum value of USD 250 to maximum value of USD 25000 or its eqvivalent subject to RBI rules & regulations. These cards operate on VISA platform and are accepted worldwide at over 10 million Visa Electronic Merchant shopping establishments, in addition to providing access to local currency through 8,00,000 self-owned and affiliated ATMs worldwide.

For this co. has entered into Tie up with AXIS Bank and HDFC bank to market their prepaid forex travel cards from its location

Salient Features:

These cards can be used anywhere in the world other than India, Nepal and Bhutan. Can be converted into destination currency:

  • THe cards are securitized by personal four digit Pin These cards can be reloaded for more value within a short notice.

  • Travel Currency Cards are valid for 2 years. or more subject to conditions of card issuing Bank

  • Cards usage statement can be accessed through net for free of cost.

  • Balance amount in the card can be encashed on return or can be used for future travels.

  • In case of loss of card, emergency replacement card will be provided within 48 hours.

  • Add-on cards also being provided, if required



Buy Sell Foreign Exchange Online

USD (US DOLLAR) 65.00 66.00
EUR (EUROPE) 75.50 77.50
GBP (POUND) 96.20 98.50
JPY (JAPANESE YEN) 61.50 63.50
THB (THAI BAHT) 1.87 1.98
AED (UAE DIRHAM) 18.15 18.45
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